As the leading designer and manufacturer of aerials, E-ONE offers a proven track record in aerial safety with ZERO structural failures or tip-overs in more than 30 years of aerial production. From the low-weight, high-strength DOMEX® steel and innovative greaseless roller system to E-ONE’s new Advanced Aerial Control System (AACS), the new HPS 105 offers the superior performance of an E-ONE aerial with an innovative new steel ladder to meet the needs of departments preferring steel. The HPS 105 features a 500 lb tip load (wet or dry), 94’-6” horizontal reach, criss-cross, underslung jacks with only a 13’-8” spread, 240” wheelbase, 1000 GPM pinned waterway, hi-traction rung covers, a bolt-on egress, and large sheaves with large extension and retraction cables.

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